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Teams are a groups of members who release tuned cars under one ‘team name’. For example, some well known teams that you may have heard of are: JDM Factory, UPshift, Premier Tuning & LSD etc. Each team has their own team logo which must be 50×20 pixels. This logo will be placed on every tune that a member of that ... Read More »


By applying for a sponsorship, you are agreeing to advertise a sponsor, in order to earn extra money each week. If, for example, you apply for a sponsor with Spoon, and it is accepted, you must display the word ‘Spoon’ in your car name. For example: ‘Spoon Honda S2000′. You can also buy vinyls and stickers for your car, to ... Read More »


Occasionally a special event will be held on pixel car world. These vary greatly each time so it’s impossible to answer the question ‘What is a show?’. It could be anything from an event to create a banner for the forum, to guessing who will win a Formula 1 race. Each show will have it’s own rules, so be sure ... Read More »


A show involves entering your car into a voting poll where members chose which car they like the most. When the deadline is up, all the cars will be put into a poll and voting will be left for 3 days. When the 3 days are up the votes will be counted and the appropriate prizes will be awarded. Show ... Read More »


A competiton involves tuning a car supplied by us. You can tune the car in any way you wish. Once you have finished you should post your tuned version in the ‘entries’ topic. When the deadline is up, all the cars will be put into a poll and voting will be left for 3 days. When the 3 days are ... Read More »

Entering Races

The race area is where the community race their cars against each other – to try and get the lowest score. By entering a race, you can earn money to buy cars and parts and skill. The more skill you gain, the greater chance you have of winning a race. To enter a race, you first must ensure that you ... Read More »


You gain skill by entering races. The more skill you have, the skillful you are as a driver, thus you are more likely to win a race against someone in an identical car, with less skill. Remember, you must keep skill for each race style seperate. If you gain skill from a Drift style race, you must only add the ... Read More »

Purchasing parts from the damage repair shop

When you purchase a damaged car, you must add another section to the ‘Car’ parts of your profile. Along with Bodywork, Interior, Exterior and Performance, you need to add ‘Damage repair’. This is where you will store all the parts you purchase to fix the damage. You now need to purchase all the parts required from the ‘Damage Repair’ part ... Read More »

Swapping an engine in the engine change shop

An engine change is exactly what it says on the tin. Buy purchasing an engine change, you will be swapping the engine of your car for another one. Once the engine change is complete, you can store the old engine in your profile inventory – an engine moderator will give you the original engine specs. To buy an engine swap, ... Read More »

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