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Setting up your Profile

Your profile is a personal archive, displaying everything from details about yourself, to all the cars you own and your money transfers. Once you understand how to set up and maintain your profile, you are ready to begin your pixel car world adventure.
You can view an example profile here

To begin creating your profile, please make a new topic in this section. The ‘Subject’ of your profile must be identical to your username and you are not allowed to use any punctuation before your username, unless your username itself has punctuation before it.

Now, simply create the following posts, copying the relevent text into each one. For example, in your first post you enter the text from ‘Post 1′. You then make a reply to your profile topic and post the text from ‘Post 2′.

Post 1 – Details
This is where you store personal and game details.

[size=medium][b][u]About Me[/u][/b][/size]Name:
Photo: (Not required)[size=medium][b][u]Game Details[/u][/b][/size]Job:
Respect:[size=medium][b][u]Activity Stats[/u][/b][/size] (Updating this section is optional)

Race Wins:
Show Wins:
Comp Wins:
Event Wins:
Lottery Wins:

Post 2 – Car Details
This is where you store all the details of your car and the parts attached to it. If you buy a second car, you create another post in the same format as this.

[size=medium][b][u]Standard Car[/u][/b][/size]Car Name
[img]link-to-image-here[/img] (Remember to use ‘img’ tags otherwise your car image won’t show up)
[b]BHP:[/b] XXX | [b]KG:[/b] XXXX | [b]Drive:[/b] XWD | [b]Class X[/b] | [b]Cr. XX,XXX [/b] (Replace the X’s with the details of the car)[size=medium][b][u]Modified Car[/u][/b][/size]Car Name [img]link-to-image-here[/img] (Remember to use ‘img’ tags otherwise your car image won’t show up)
[b]BHP:[/b] XXX | [b]KG:[/b] XXXX | [b]Drive:[/b] XWD | [b]Class X[/b] | [b]Type X[/b] | [b]Sponsor X[/b] | [b]Cr.XX,XXX[/b] (Replace the X’s with the details of the car)[size=medium][b][u]Parts[/u][/b][/size] [b]Bodywork[/b] [b]Interior[/b] [b]Performance[/b] [b]Engines[/b]

Post 3 – House Details
This is where you store all the details of your house and the garage slots attached to it.

[size=medium][b][u]House[/u][/b][/size]House Name
[img]link-to-image-here[/img] (Remember to use ‘img’ tags otherwise your house image won’t show up)
[b]Cr.:[/b] XX,XXX[size=medium][b][u]Garage Slots[/u][/b][/size] Garage Slot X
[b]Cr.:[/b] XX,XXX

Post 4 – Parts Inventory
This is where you store all parts which are not fitted to a specific car.

[size=medium][b][u]Parts Inventory[/u][/b][/size][b]Bodywork[/b][b]Interior[/b][b]Performance[/b][b]Engines[/b]

Post 5 – Money In / Money Out
This is where you keep track of all money transactions.

[size=medium][b][u]Money In[/u][/b][/size][b]Job Earnings[/b][b]Sponsorship Earnings[/b][b]Garage Earnings[/b][b]Car Sales[/b] [b]Part Sales[/b] [b]Winnings[/b] (Includes Races, Shows, Competitions, Events and Lottery)

[b]Other In[/b] [color=#FF0000]**/**/** Starting Money – Cr. 20,000[/color] [size=medium][b][u]Money Out[/u][/b][/size] [b]Car Payments[/b] [b]Part Payments[/b] [b]Garage Payments[/b] [b]Lottery Payments[/b] [b]Other Out[/b]

Continue to: Step 3. Job Application

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